Kennedy Karport

This modern structure functions as a carport, storage-shed, and patio / pavilion for outdoor gatherings.

Drawing from American Arts and Craft and Japanese Teahouses, the formal composition is an elegant combination of two storage-units under a single gracious gable roof. The storage-units are clad with Western Red Cedar applied to Polygal panels. Multiple applications of stain achieve the effect of Japanese sugi ban wood, allowing the dark slats to float on the translucent surface while the boxes glow like a lantern at night.

The structure was built from Western red Cedar Wood columns and custom-built wood trusses, which provided the generous spacing and the light and airy quality of the space. A cupola above provides natural light; as the sun charts its course, light passes through the cupola and off the whitewashed yellow-pine ceiling, animating the simple space with light and subtle movement.


  • Canavan & Frank Custom Homes


  • Dror Baldinger FAIA + John Grable Architects


  • San Antonio, Texas


  • Completed March 2012