John Grable Architects celebrates life. By connecting to history and expressing a deep love of craft and material, our architecture articulates purity and simplicity, and exalts the relationship between mankind and nature.

Our work is distinguished by a commitment to architecture’s expression of the human experience. Each project is infused with the fundamental themes that consistently guide our work.


John Grable Architects is recognized for our ability to create a site immersive experience rooted in the history of a particular place and erasing the barrier between interior and exterior. Our work is the product of a deep love of craft and material realized through an empathetic and collaborative process.


Successful commercial architecture imbibes the numerous detail-oriented aspects of residential projects and applies them on a larger scale. Our approach to commercial spaces stems from an understanding of your business philosophy which allows us to craft an architecturally unique identity that serves as a branding billboard for products and services.

Office + Mixed Use

John Grable Architects employs the opportunity to return the historic urban fabric of well-established European cities through Mixed Use by connecting programs in ways that create socially dynamic communities and culturally enriched experiential spaces.

Small Structures

John Grable Architects exalts purity and simplicity acknowledging that the road to simplicity is a complicated path. Small structures are the ultimate test of minimalism and efficiency – distilling function and design to the bare essentials and making every square inch count.


Architects are natural born problem solvers and here at John Grable Architects, we make this skill an artform. Whether it is a warehouse, production plant, storage facility or airplane hangar, our goal in utilitarian structures is to streamline operations – creating clarity and economy – while providing an ergonomic environment for its users.


Ranch homes have a unique set of values unshackled by the daily routines of an urban environment. The landscape provides opportunities for multiple structures that tread lightly on the land and articulate exterior spaces that crescendo into the vastness of the horizon. Low maintenance materials and border less spaces immerse users with the natural environment to allow for decompression and a visceral experience.

Legacy (Heritage) Renovations

Legendary architects, such as O’Neil Ford, Peter Callins, Cyrus Wagner, John Kell, Ken Bentley and Bartlett Cocke, cast a heavy influence on many of the design principles we stand by today. John Grable Architects has a deep reverence for the predecessors that came before us and their contributions to the field. The ability to work alongside these legends are a privilege and opportunity to advance an idea in a time of new methods and techniques.


John Grable Architects has been featured in numerous publications throughout the years. We are proud to be recognized in our industry.


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