Modern Legacy

This two-story one-room wide plan provides simultaneous access and views to the front and rear yard with porches that expand to the landscape, and was designed to weave through the ½ acre lot in order to preserve the 50 heritage trees.

The use of Leuder stone and rough stone mill blocks throughout the grounds recalls the adjacent historical quarry site to the north and affords a visual opulence as it flows through the open interior, dog run like spaces.  At the second floor, a roof top mirador creates a progression of the ground level experience transporting you into the tree canopies.  The use of a creamy white paint throughout the interior and exterior provides a blank canvas to receive a rich tapestry of light and shadow.  In this home, one feels the constant change of time throughout the day and seasons of the year, enlivened by the ever-changing stream of natural light.


  • Truax Construction


  • John Grable Architects


  • San Antonio, Texas


  • Completed December 2018