Modern Cottage

After fifty years in their home, our clients approached us to design a renovation to provide a safe environment for them to age in place on the same site that nourished over the years.

Of particular value was the original one-room-wide, two-story Homestead crafted by German settlers in the 1930s.  In order to preserve this structure, which represents the heart of the home, we removed all previous additions and designed a new single-level addition to delicately embrace the original homestead. Sliding glass walls gracefully meet the homestead, bathing it in natural daylight while symbiotically illuminating the structure at night.

The newly constructed series of one room wide gables recall the original building principles of that time while the transparent, stepping form respectfully honors the homestead and the oak lined landscape. The new home simultaneously provides all the modern comforts while effortlessly evoking the emotion and joy brought by the collective memories of the place.


  • Shelly Home Company


  • Dror Baldinger FAIA


  • San Antonio, Texas


  • Completed September 2019