222 Austin Hwy

To resurrect this 1930s era motor lodge as a minimalist office building, the architect stripped the structure to its core.

The introduction of elemental materials and sculptural day lighting define the palette for the new two-story office units. Long leaf pine, which was reclaimed from a 19th century textile mill, forms the two-inch structural wood deck ceiling, upstairs floor, and interior siding. Unfinished carbon steel forms a floating stair thread and railings while long leaf pine and black walnut millwork with glass panels form partitions to complete the interiors.

Upon completion, the buildings first occupants were bands of light filtering through wood louvers at the front façade, echoing the rigorous geometry of the interior and exterior. The tenuous reflections of sunlight from the windows float through the space, highlighting the beauty of pure material and form.


  • Truax Construction


  • Chris Cooper


  • San Antonio, Texas


  • Completed August 2006