Creekside Canyon Ranch

Saddled up to a hundred-foot limestone canyon on the edge of a cypress-lined creek bend, this site was originally settled in the late 1800s.

Although the home is modern in its detailing, it takes advantage of the warmth of recycled materials and respectfully draws on historic precedent.  Relocated carved stone was incorporated into fireplace as an homage to the original settlers; recycled stone from the region recalls the strata of the adjacent canyon; and reclaimed long leaf pine wood flooring from an old cotton gin exude an amber glow throughout the home.

The one-room-wide gable form, derived from Texas Vernacular, allows users to capture the breezes from the adjacent creek while providing views from any space within the home. Immersed within the landscape, the home allows you to experience irreplicable atmosphere of the site from the verdant views to the trickling sounds of the creek bed amplified by the echoes of the canyon wall.


  • Wesmar Construction


  • Leonid Furmansky


  • Texas Hill Country


  • Completed October 2018